Gambisk filmregissör får utmärkelse i NAFCA

Ibraheem CeesayI förrgår mottog filmproducenten Ibraheem Ceesay utmärkelsen för ”bästa inhemska film” med sin film Hand of Fate, som vi tidigare har skrivit om här på, i Afrikas Oscarsgala NAFCA som gick av stapeln i Washington DC i USA.

Vi har även skrivit om nomineringen till NAFCA – Nollywood & African Film Critics’ Awards, mer känt som Afrikas Oscargala.

Ibraheem´s eget första uttalande efter prisutdelningen är:

”To God Be The Glory. The Hand of Fate won ”Best Indigenous Film” for the African and Nollywood Film Critics Awards (NAFCA) African Oscars. We made Gambia proud and for the 1st time, a Gambian film winning such a prestigious award of excellence in cinema. I am dedicating this award to all the victims and survivals of child marriage and millions of girls sold into forced and early marriage every year. We need to end the violence against women and girls. Kudos my cast and crew especially Mariama Colley and John Charles Njie for getting nominations at the African Oscars. My family, friends and colleagues you guys rock! This was my 1st film, thanks to NAFCA Jury for the award and people of Gambia for the love, support and encouragement. Doing a film is a gymnastic and Gambia’s got talents, support us to build a vibrant movie industry and next project is ”SARATA” in December 2013 by HIS Grace. Proud to be Gambian!”

En längre intervju med Ibraheem Ceesay för är inplanerad inom kort.

fatou touray

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