Models, designers rock stage at The Gambia Fashion Week 2013

DSCF08351The Seaview Gardens pool side was the beautifully decorated venue for much fanfare and entertainment over the weekend as both local and international models as well as designers took stage to showcase beauty, glamour, elegance and fashion in a cool breeze atmosphere.

It was the second edition of the rapidly recognised The Gambia Fashion Week (TGFW), splendidly staged by the Runway Productions International and partners under the aegis of Gambia-Swedish based celebrity, Aysha Jones-Ceesay.

DSCF0827Debuted in February 2013, the independence month of The Gambia, the second edition was incredibly a success for Aysha Jones Ceesay and her team as broad spectrum of spectators filled all the available seats with others left to stand in their graceful and beautiful designer Africa and European type dresses.

The RPI, being the organising Agency, targets smaller and new brands and looking to gain further recognition as a leading high fashion brand within the fashion industry; and is renowned for organising events like this.

The first edition saw the participation of both Gambian and European models and designers in shows held at the Duplex Night Club and other places. Whilst it is an event that seeks to promote Gambian and African talents in fashion and modeling, it also has a great potential of further promoting the country as a major tourism destination as well as an investment haven given its proximity to Europe and its peaceful nature.


DSCF0836But unlike the previous one, the second edition was organised principally under the thrust of promoting culture, arts and fashion in the country.


“What we are aiming to do is to set up a foundation to support not only people working within the arts, fashion and culture in The Gambia, but also those in schools, hospitals and anything that can improve the nation,”

Aysha Jones Ceesay, CEO of Runway Productions International and founder of TGFW told journalists ahead of the event.


“TGFW is trying to promote not only Gambians, but African talents at large. We are planning to also engage in promoting collaboration between Africa and Europe starting with Sweden.”


DSCF0837After shows end around midnight, Ceesay, who spoke to journalists, beams with smile, crowning the event as a “success” in that it recorded a good turnout compared to last year. She pledged to do more so as to make 2014 events even more resounding.



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