We can be more generous than selfish

paketSitting down thinking of Christmas. What was it really meant for?!

Was it for careless spending of money or getting together to have a nice time with your family?! I am watching the news hearing how much money is spent on gifts, food and drinks. We all know that most of those items bought, being food or toys or what ever it might be can be totally unneccesary and a big waste.

Let us remember that there are some people within us who cannot afford to spend a penny on neccesary things like food and may be they even need clothes during this cold season in the northern part of the world. Please dear people let us think of how to spend our money and on what. We can be more generous than selfish.


Please send some tips on how you spent the holidays and if possible how much you spent on your gifts and food. That could be usefull for the next coming holidays of this kind. Enjoy your holidays. Don’t forget to comment.

ndey amie faal