Interview: Baysic Dha BT – With music as his destiny

23 year old Amadou Wurrie Jallow who is located in The Gambia, and who goes by the name ”Baysic Dha BT” always felt like writing music was his destiny rather than something to just make business out of.

I call it a destiny because I’ve loved music all my life, but as a kid I never thought of doing it or make a living out of it. School and education was very important to me and my family, and I was one of the best students in school. I never thought I would drop out of school for anything, so for music being the reason why I did drop out, I strongly believe it is my destiny. There is nothing else I can imagine myself doing.
Baysic Dha BT

Baysic didn’t really have his family’s support because they thought that getting an education was more important than pursuing a carrier in music. But he decided to drop out of high school in 2009 to follow his dreams. Baysic released his first solo track “Far Away” in 2012.

How does your family deal with your dream today?
Are they handling it better?

Basic dha BT They are more supportive today, yes. A few of my family members are still talking about how important it is to go back to school though, because they believe it’s a waste of time. They think that where I am today isn’t the right place to do my music, but as I said earlier – to me this music is beyond making a business out of it.

During the entire interview Baysic constantly repeats the importance of hard work and how he feels like there are no shortcuts to success. When I ask him why this was so important for him to propagate his answer is:

I don’t want to be popular and in the spotlight by luck. I want to be known for my talent and not because of who is a part of my social group. In The Gambia hip-hop isn’t really influential, but I believe in making a difference and giving the fans what they need.

Hard work is definitely something Baysic has to deal with. He tells me that since he doesn’t have a record deal he often has production problems and that he has never gotten paid for anything he has written.

I do everything by myself without a promoter, director or a producer so the load is heavy, but somehow I make it work, he says.

What is your inspiration for your song lyrics? Does your past affect the way you write your songs?

I have a lot of stories to tell, my past does affect my lyrics but I don’t always express myself in a serious manner. Music is entertainment as well. I express myself differently depending on the mood I’m in, but I put passion behind everything I write. I get inspired by what I see and hear in the present or what I’ve been through.

Baysic tells me more about his passion for the hip-hop genre and it’s lack of popularity in The Gambia and tells me that he feels like rapping is the best way to express how he feels.

I can’t really imagine myself trying other genres unless it is a collaboration where someone does the singing and I do the rapping. I like other genres too, but hip-hop is more for me.

Is there a special artist who inspires you?

To be honest, no. I like a lot of artists and their music but I won’t say they inspire me. My own life and what happens to me and my community is what inspires me.

If you could do a collaboration with whoever you wanted, who would it be and why?

Young Jeezy. I’ve always loved his flow and the things he raps about. Sometimes the stuff he writes are exactly how things are and how I feel about stuff. I’ve liked his music my whole life.

Baysic has gotten featured on several tracks and the newest one was released in January 2014, called “Sen Eyez”, with Senegalese based rappers.

What do you have coming up and what are your plans for the future?

Right now I have a lot of songs that needs to be recorded. Over a hundred actually. It’s a tough one so I’m just trying to release songs whenever I can. I dream big, I want to become like Akon but for The Gambia.

Lastly, do you have any advice for people out there?

This life is a journey. Every step you take leads you to your destination. Go for your dreams and never look back. Keep the faith!


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