Gambia commences International Trade Fair

A two-weeklong International Trade Fair Gambia Saturday morning commenced at the country’s Independence Stadium in Bakau, bringing together local and international traders and investors.

The Fair, the eight to be organised by the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), is an annual event that creates platform for local and international businesses to showcase their products and services to the general public.

Photo: Hatab Fadera, Afropé
Photo: Hatab Fadera, Afropé

The Fair’s objectives, among others, are; to provide business exposure to the small and medium enterprise; promote Gambian products and provide a platform for joint-ventures; to develop links between Gambian and international businesses; promote the development of the small and medium enterprises; draw public attention to the role of the private sector; and exhibit products of the business community and the public sector.

The Fair has over the years gained a lot of popularity within and outside the country, bringing traders as far as Europe, Asia, Middle East and other parts of Africa.

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Last year, it recorded over 37, 000 visits in what officials said was a massive success for a Fair that has been growing in leaps and bounds. Its visitors include business people, government officials, investors, consumers, and tourists in The Gambia. It is envisaged that the trade fair will attract the Gambian public, especially visitors from the West African sub-region, the Kingdom of Spain and other European countries, and tourists.

This year, the event is organised as part of activities marking The Gambia’s 50 years of nationhood under the theme; “Supporting Sustainable Enterprises: The Gambia @ 50.”

The GGCI said “promoting sustainable enterprises is about strengthening the institutions and systems which nurture enterprises and ensuring that human, financial and natural resources are combined equitably and efficiently in order to bring about innovation and enhanced productivity”.

“The first Gambia Trade Fair was organised in 2003 by the GCCI, and was considered a huge success with 88 local and four international exhibitors,” GCCI president, Muhammed Jagana said. “By 2014, the number of exhibitors had increased to 257 with 37,700 visits from 1 to 16 March 2014”.

Hatab Fadera
Hatab Fadera


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