Barrow chooses Gambia over Sweden

Swansea City winger, Modou Barrow, has finally announced his decision to commit international career to The Gambia, a move that ends the long doubt over whether the player will play for the West African country or Sweden.

Foto: Privat
Foto: Privat

Confirming this decision Friday on his Facebook page, Barrow, who plays for English club Swansea, said:

– I am pleased to say that I have decided to finally play for the Gambian national team at senior team level.

I know my decision would be a disappointment for some who expected me to play for Sweden but believe me, it is something I have thought about and I do hope all get to understand my decision which I hope is the best for me.

Barrow’s future career for The Gambia was first confirmed by the president of the Gambia Football Federation (GFF), Lamin Kaba Bajo during the recent unveiling of Swiss coach, Raoul Savoy as head coach for The Scorpions. This development also follows that of Middlesbrough’s Mustapha Carayol, who, a few weeks ago, declared his allegiance for The Gambia. Both players will make their first debut for The Gambia in June when The Scorpions takes on South Africa in Johannesburg as part of the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

– I believe even though Sweden have some very big and great players, I’ll be able to be part of history in The Gambia, the country I was born in, and help it achieve its aims of an African Nations Cup and World Cup appearances, the 22-year-old said. He added:

– Sweden has been a country that has given me my chance in professional football and it’ll always be in my heart and be my second country. Thank you and looking forward to playing my first match with Gambia.

Meanwhile, Barrow and fellow foreign-based teammates are expected to gather in Banjul on June 1st before they head for Kampala, Uganda where they are expected to camp and engage in friendlies. They will later proceed to South Africa for the much awaited game.


Hatab Fadera
Hatab Fadera



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