Sona Jobarteh prepares for global tour

After successful engagements in The Gambia where she pushed her music project, Artiste Sona Jobarteh has been preparing for her annual tour that is taking her to many amazing places in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

Sona Jobarteh - Foto: Arkivbild
Sona Jobarteh – Foto: Arkivbild

Coming hard on the heels of an amazing show at the Fifth Edition of the l’Emoi du Jazz Festival in Ivory Coast, the tour will see the artiste thrill her global fan-base in diverse platforms, expected to be well attended.

The tour kick-off was set on 2nd July with a visit to the University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar, Germany before moving to TFF Rudolstadt, Germany, from the 3rd to 4th of the same month.

From the 10th – 17th July, Sona visited Poland to attend the Brave Festival. She was appointed Artistic Director and Curator for this Festival.

This well-established festival is dedicating this year’s theme to that of the griot, and music from West Africa.

Other line up concerts include WOMAD Festival in UK, August 1st; Emancipation Celebrations, Trinidad, on 7th August; Rainforest Festival, Malaysia, 24th Sept; and Gera Muzika Gyvai, Lithuania, 24th Sept.


Hatab Fadera
Hatab Fadera


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