Etikettarkiv: Alex D’Rosso

Top Swedish Disc Jockey to make maiden Africa visit to The Gambia

Alex 1End of year is always an unforgettable moment for many Gambian and non-Gambians alike in that it is a period when the Smiling Coast of Africa is seen in its real gem. It is during this period that the nation’s entertainment industry is jam-packed with series of diverse amusements courtesy of different stakeholders.


This is perhaps the most exciting period in which movers and shakers in the entertainment industry put more efforts to end the year good for the 1.8 million-population nation. Traditionally, the period always coincides with the first three months of the tourism season when the country witness an influx of diverse tourists both repeaters and first time comers.

Over the years, the dynamics of how this period is embraced has changed. Now, it is spiced up by more professionally organised events like The Gambia Fashion Week, designed to create a platform where people will not merely be entertained, but take part in initiatives that will showcase talents.


But if there is anything, this year’s end of year parties is expected to be more thrilling as The Gambia braces up to welcome a renowned Swedish top international disc jockey, courtesy of the organisers of The Gambia Fashion Week.


Alex D’Rosso, who has criss-crossed many countries around the globe, will be making his maiden Africa visit to The Gambia as a guest of The Gambia Fashion Week under the leadership of Aysha Jones-Ceesay, chief executive officer of the Runway Productions International.


Born in Sweden, Alex D’Rosso made a rocket launch in his career in 2010. He has a passion for house music but stays true to his mission to make any dance floor go wild. Not only does he puts on a show while up on stage, he also uses the mic. D’Rosso makes sure to nail those big club bangers mixed with his own tracks and remixes and takes the crowd on a journey through a wide range of music genres.

Alex 2


Based in Stockholm, he is mostly found behind the decks at top notch clubs such as Sturecompagniet, White Room and Café Opera. He has been doing gigs abroad in countries such as Greece, Spain, Turkey, Norway, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland. He has been performing with great artists, and through hard work, a determined mind and great skills, Alex D’Rosso has made sure he is a name worth to remember.


GN: Thanks Alex for accepting the interview. Of course you seem to have good experience based on your resume. Would you mind to tell us more about your life and where did it begin?


D’Rosso: I was born in Sweden but my father is from Brazil, so the rhythmic and musical part is in my blood. In my younger days I used to write songs together with my mom and we used to play the piano together which led me to start loving all kinds of music, nowadays I just love to wake up to the sound of good house music on the radio, or just singing along to great tracks in the shower. My first steps into the world of DJ’s came when I was 19 and it all went really fast since then.


GN: How has this life experience helped you in shaping your destiny, in other words, enabling you to become who you are today?


D’Rosso: I don’t know if I believe in destiny, every man/woman decides his or her own fate. I learned the lesson of hard work while working with music and with it patience and creativity. It’s amazing how great musicians like Mozart and Beethoven created their work without the help of computers.


GN: What is your passion for music and disc jockeying?

D’Rosso: My passion for music is the power it gives, and the variation of it that affects our minds with such force, triggering feelings like love, happiness and freedom. About disc jockeying, its all about the crowd, I really enjoy a great show when you adapt to your audience and make them dance like there is no tomorrow.


GN: What was on your mind that you wanted to pursue as career when you were young aside disc jockeying that you now found yourself in?

D’Rosso: I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, have my own company and creating things that makes people happy. When I was young I had a dream of creating the most successful business company in the world. I wanted to create things so the earth would be a better place to live on. Hopefully, I can still fulfill that dream and change the world!


GN: Alex you are coming to Africa, The Gambia in particular for the first time. Before I ask about your mission, what is your current perception about the African continent?

D’Rosso: It feels mysterious, strong and full of potential, a lot like myself.


GN: Tell us more about your Gambia visit. How did it come about?

D’Rosso: Actually I got recommended by a friend to The Gambia Fashion Week (TGFW) and it only took a few hours before it was decided that I would make my first appearance in The Gambia!


GN: What are we expecting from you in terms of performance?

D’Rosso: Expect a lot of energy and a great party!


GN: How important do you think is the event you are to attend, I mean The Gambia Fashion Week 2013?

D’Rosso: For me it’s always interesting to do a show in a country I’ve never been in before, especially now when it’s my first time in Africa. The original show is on Friday the 20th of December which includes a VIP mingle, an after party and a club event at Crystal Nightclub.


GN: What do you think the experience would be like?

D’Rosso: It is an amazing opportunity for me and it will definitely feel unreal at first.


GN: The Gambia is a music loving country with an industry that is fraught with talents. Do you have any plan in your itinerary to create links or partnerships with counterparts here to develop music on the sidelines of the event?

D’Rosso: I think that with the technology today over the internet there is a lot of opportunities to do just that. I’m always looking to expand my brand, and I think that TGFW is just the start of something new for me in Africa.


GN: Alex since you made a “rocket launch” in your career in 2010, how has it been fairing?

D’Rosso: As a DJ I have already earned myself a big name in Sweden and I’ve also been doing tours in Greece, Spain and Turkey. Now I’m looking for a new country to explore. As a music producer though, I have yet a long road ahead of me. I mean you can never know too much about creating music since there is so many different musical cultures and genres and if you combine the different elements of every genre, you create a sub-genre which will sound different from anything else.


GN: Talking about success, what have been your major challenges since you started your career?

D’Rosso: To make people believe in me and support me.


GN: What is the most regrettable thing in your life and why?

D’Rosso: I’ve loved music my whole life and I regret that I didn’t start to produce my own music earlier.


GN: Given the nature of your work, do you create time for social commitments?

D’Rosso: My work requires a lot of time but I think it’s necessary to take some time off and spend quality time with friends; it gives you the strength to work even harder when needed.


GN: Who is that beautiful lady you have been seeing and are you happy with her thus far?

D’Rosso: I don’t really know what lady you are asking me about haha, but when the time is right I am sure I’ll find the ”one” .


GN: Finally thank you so much for the time, but before taking leave of you, what would be your last words as far as this interview is concerned?

D’Rosso: That I am really humbled to represent Sweden in this event when it comes to music and disc jockeying and that I look forward to make you all dance all night long.