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En hyllningskonsert till Maudo Sey´s minne

maudo seyI april förlorade världen en stor, kulturell personlighet och musiker när Maudo Sey, 58 gick bort. Han drabbades av en stroke i Gambia och avled strax därefter på Huddinge sjukhus i Stockholm den 17:e april 2013. Nu anordnas en stor hyllningskonsert i Stockholm till Mao´s minne.

Många röster sörjde Maos bortgång, men mest av allt förstås hans sex barn, däribland den gambisk-svenska soulsångerskan Seinabo Sey som var Mao´s dotter. Vi skrev om Maos bortgång och de hyllningar han mottog HÄR!

Maudo var en person som inte lämnade många oberörda som mötte honom och därav sprids hans spirituella mångfald och musikaliska storhet vidare och minnet av Maudo är ännu starkt hos många som mötte honom.

Här skriver producenten Oko Drammeh, som just nu är på besök i Sverige sin hyllning till Maudo Sey för

”Tribute to a King! People I have a story about a good man, an artist and musician by the name of Mawdo Sey. He was a smart youth as a youngster, learning in the sacred schools of Tivaone and Banjul he studied and mastered many arts and craft of african and arabic music, poems ans songs. He is from the holy house of Tivaone of El Haj Malick and Abdul Aziz Sy. His father is Seihou Sey the Grand Marabout and his mother is Ya Ndye Jow of Banjul. Mawdo studied the art of singing religious hymes and islamioc gospel he found his way to Banjul from the holy Town of Tivaone and joined the Ifangbondi Band as a singer of harmonies as a tenor for Batiton lead singer Paps Touray. Mawdo and me (Oko) meet in Banjul on his arrival from Tivaonein Senegal at Bolong Njie’s house at Lascaster. On that day we went to Sahara Night Club where I worked.After a few week we shared a house, learning, teaching and leading a life of community belonging. We lived at Half Die in Banjul South. We lived, eat together and we shared the same wardrobe. The best dressed boys, socially active, trend setters and taste makers of the Gambian social Life. Mawdo performed the symphony Classic NANUCO by the Italian Composer Verdi. He became a sacred singer of divine notes. As a member of the Ifangbondi Music Group he traveled to Europe and making his home in Sweden and a family. He was dynamic and contraversal but always looking ahead with a smile. He was not a materialist person, he chose art and music to be with his soul. We will all remember him as some one who ones lived, and lived Life to the fullest. Loved by his family , friends and fellow musicians. He has left his foot prints and these footprints will remind us of brother Always. SLEEP IN PEACE TRUE FRIEND! By Oko Drammeh Music Producer Brother & Good friend.”

Nu kommer en hyllningskosert till Maudos minne att anordnas den 28:e September på Kulturhuset i Alvik med gästartisten Jupiter Diop. Mer om eventet kan du finna HÄR!

Fatou Touray
Fatou Touray